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Amazonite Beaded Geode Wrap Bracelet

Amazonite Beaded Geode Wrap Bracelet

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A stunning natural Amazonite wrap bracelet from the Egret collection awaits you. This bracelet is exquisitely hand-strung and features a captivating Druzy slice surrounded by gold.

Material: Amazonite | Hematite | Copper

Size: 19 inches with 3 closures

The beads on this bracelet are a beautiful combination of Amazonite, Hematite, and Copper, creating a harmonious blend of energies. Amazonite is known to assist in expressing one's true thoughts and feelings without becoming overwhelmed by emotions. It also enables you to see situations from different perspectives, promoting peace and resolving inner conflicts. Sleeping with an Amazonite near you can bring clarity to your dreams and help you focus on these aspects.

Wearing this Amazonite wrap bracelet allows you to embrace its soothing and balancing energies. It helps align your intentions and actions with your inner truth, fostering authenticity and clarity in your daily life. Additionally, Amazonite's energy can be beneficial during sleep, aiding in understanding the symbolism of your dreams and providing insight into your subconscious.

Embrace the elegance and power of Amazonite with this remarkable wrap bracelet from the Egret collection. Let it remind you to communicate openly, empathise with others, and find inner peace. Each time you wear this bracelet, you carry the symbol of harmony and connection with you.

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