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Leather Howlite & Turquoise Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Leather Howlite & Turquoise Beaded Wrap Bracelet

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Step into the gentle embrace of nature with our "Whispering Breeze" Wrap Bracelet from the Egret collection. This delightful bracelet is a perfect blend of beauty and the healing properties of Howlite.

Material: Howlite | Turquoise | Jasper | Leather

Length: 13 inches with 3 closures

The "Whispering Breeze" Wrap Bracelet is skilfully handcrafted, featuring natural stones such as Howlite, Turquoise, and Jasper. Each stone is expertly cut into square shapes and intricately woven onto leather cords with rustic jute.

Let the calming properties of Howlite soothe you as you cover your wrist with this stunning wrap bracelet. Howlite is renowned for promoting restful sleep, relieving stress, and easing muscle tension. It invites a sense of peace and tranquillity, providing a gentle reminder to find solace in the simple joys of life.

With a size of 13 inches and three convenient closures, this wrap bracelet offers a comfortable and adjustable fit, ensuring it hugs your wrist just right.

Allow the "Whispering Breeze" Wrap Bracelet to transport you to a serene wilderness, where you can experience the gentle caress of a soft breeze and the calming whispers of nature. It serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, embrace the present moment, and find harmony in the beauty that surrounds you.

Embrace the beauty of nature and the healing energies of Howlite with our "Whispering Breeze" Wrap Bracelet. Let it be a source of comfort, grounding, and peacefulness as you navigate life's journey.



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