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Tigers Eye | Howlite Cord Stacking Shamballa Bracelet

Tigers Eye | Howlite Cord Stacking Shamballa Bracelet

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and adventure with the "Pathfinder's Bracelet" from the Egret collection. This exceptional natural beaded bracelet, crafted with a combination of Onyx and Tigers Eye beads, is skilfully held together on a sleek black cord.

Length: Adjustable from 17 to 25 inches

Material: Onyx | Tigers Eye | Cord

Tigers Eye, a stone of courage and passion, ignites your inner fire and propels you forward fearlessly. Whether you seek creative inspiration or a spiritual anchor, Tiger's Eye guides your way, matching your energies with the vast universe. It empowers you to manifest your desires and embark on your path with purpose.

Shamballa bracelet are a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Originating from Tibetan and Buddhist traditions, the Shamballa bracelet represents the path to the mythical kingdom of Shamballa, a place of tranquillity and enlightenment.

Embrace the beauty and profound meaning of the "Pathfinder's Bracelet." Let its stunning craftsmanship and powerful spirit accompany you on your adventures, reminding you to embrace your true potential and discover new horizons.

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