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Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Lotus Flower Necklace

Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Lotus Flower Necklace

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Elegance meets spirituality in our "Blue Lotus" Lapis Lazuli Necklace, a piece that not only adds a touch of beauty to your collection but also carries deep symbolism. Crafted from Lapis Lazuli and 925 Sterling Silver, this necklace captures the timeless beauty of the lotus flower and the wisdom of Lapis Lazuli.

Material: Lapis Lazuli | 925 Sterling Silver

Necklace Length: 18 inches

Pendant Size: 1.8 cm

The Blue Lotus: A Symbol of Transformation:

Throughout history, the lotus flower has held a sacred significance in various cultures. It symbolises divine resurrection and the potential for personal transformation. The "Blue Lotus" Lapis Lazuli Necklace beautifully captures this symbolism.

Lapis Lazuli - Stone of Wisdom and Truth:

Lapis Lazuli is renowned for its deep celestial blue colour, representing wisdom and truth. It is known to stimulate good judgment, foster intellectual clarity, and inspire the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Elegance Meets Spirituality:

The "Blue Lotus" necklace seamlessly blends the elegance of the lotus flower with the wisdom of Lapis Lazuli. The pendant delicately dangles from an 18-inch 925 Sterling Silver chain, making it suitable for all occasions.

A Symbol of Your Inner Journey:

Wear the "Blue Lotus" Lapis Lazuli necklace to symbolise your journey of personal growth, intellectual clarity, and spiritual awakening. It's a beautiful reflection of the pursuit of wisdom and truth.


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