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Sterling Silver Agate Egret Necklace

Sterling Silver Agate Egret Necklace

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A stunning necklace from the Egret collection. 

Made from a natural Agate background with a delicately carved silver Egret perfectly placed in the centre.

Material: Sterling Silver | Agate 

Pendant Size: 4.2cm by 3.2cm

Chain Length: 18" 

The majestic Egret flourishes in the realm where the water and land dance together creating the ebb and flow of life.

Egrets are a sign of abundance, wherever you see an egret you can be sure that there is a plethora of life swimming just below the surface.

The Egret, known for their beauty and grace represent different meanings in different cultures. Because of their behaviour they are seen to represent calmness, patience and independence. While being a symbol of strength purity and long-life.


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