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Ocos Agate Geode Silver Drop Earrings

Ocos Agate Geode Silver Drop Earrings

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Uncover serenity with our "Heaven's Peace" Geode Earrings, a reflection of the Earth's natural beauty and inner tranquillity. Handcrafted for those who love unique jewellery, these earrings feature hand-sliced and polished geode stones, each dipped in sterling silver.

Product Details:

Material: Natural Geode & Sterling Silver

Geode Slices: Approximately 2.5-4cm

Earring Length: Approximately 4.5-6cm

A Natural Wonder: Sourced from Brazil, each semi-precious geode stone has a unique charm, ensuring no two pendants are the same. This uniqueness adds to the appeal of these stunning earrings.

Druzy's Peaceful Energy: The fine layer of druzy crystals at the centre of each geode slice brings a gentle shimmer to the weaving lines of the Agate stones. A Druzy is believed to emanate an aura of unconditional love, protection, and healing.

Agate's Creative Force: Agate is believed to offer a burst of creativity and intellectual strength. Whether you're a student or an artist, agate is said to enhance your talents. Additionally, agate is regarded as a talisman of good luck and physical strength, providing courage in both battles and everyday life.

Elegance Meets Earth: The "Heaven's Peace" earrings seamlessly combine the Earth's natural beauty with elegant craftsmanship. Each earring's design showcases the geode's beauty, making it a versatile and unique addition to your jewellery collection.


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