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Jasper Beaded Stone Stacking Bracelet | Hamsa Charm

Jasper Beaded Stone Stacking Bracelet | Hamsa Charm

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Embrace the nurturing energy of the “Earth's Guardian” bracelet from the Egret collection. Handcrafted with natural Jasper beads, this fantastic, beaded bracelet is beautifully strung onto a durable cord, creating a unique and versatile accessory.

Material: Alloy | Jasper | Cord

Length: About 16-21cm

Add a finishing touch to your outfit with this lovely handmade semi-precious stone bracelet. Each Jasper bead carries a strong connection to the Earth's energy, offering grounding, stability, and strength. The variations in depth of colour and markings make each bracelet truly one-of-a-kind. For an enhanced effect, try combining two or more bracelets.

Jaspers are known as the nurturers, healers, and spirit stones of courage and wisdom. Let the 'Earth's Guardian' bracelet be a reminder of your connection to the natural world, providing you with grounding, serenity, and a sense of harmony.

The bracelet features a Hamsa hand pendant, a symbol of protection and blessings. The Hamsa hand is believed to bring good luck, happiness, and ward off negative energies. Let the "'Earth's Guardian" bracelet inspire you to embrace your true potential and navigate life's challenges with confidence.

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