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Rainbow Jasper Geode Wrap Bracelet | Tree of Life

Rainbow Jasper Geode Wrap Bracelet | Tree of Life

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Step into a world of vibrant colours and positive energy with our "Colours of Life Wrap Bracelet" from the Egret collection! This enchanting bracelet is a true celebration of creativity and healing.

Hand-strung with a delightful mix of Jasper and Agate beads, each carefully chosen to represent the vivid spectrum of life's beautiful hues, this bracelet is a visual delight. At its heart lies an Impression Jasper geode, radiating positivity and vitality. Adding a touch of elegance, a golden Tree of Life symbol graces the geode, symbolising the beauty and interconnectedness of all living things.

Material: Impression Jasper | Agate | Leather | Glass Beads | Tila Beads | Jasper | Gold Alloy

Length: 19.7 inches with 3 closures

Jaspers are renowned as the nurturers, healers, and spirit stones of courage and wisdom. With their profound connection to the Earth's energy, they bring grounding, stability, and strength, making them the perfect companions for your everyday adventures.

Embrace the charm and positive energy of our "Colours of Life Wrap Bracelet," allowing its vivid hues to ignite your imagination and inspire you in every step you take.


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