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Amethyst | Tila Beads & Quartz Tree of Life Wrap Bracelet

Amethyst | Tila Beads & Quartz Tree of Life Wrap Bracelet

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Get ready to have your mind blown by the sheer awesomeness of our Egret collection with this mind-boggling Amethyst wrap bracelet.

Material Marvel: Brace yourself for a wild ride, because this bad boy is made from Tila Beads, Amethyst, Leather, Smokey Quartz, Steel Beads, Bronze, and Impression Jasper. It's like a gemstone extravagansa on your wrist!

Length that Leaves 'Em Speechless: We've gone all out with a whopping 33 inches of bracelet goodness, and not just one, not two, but three adjustable closures! It's like having a personal wrist magician. Presto!

Now, prepare to have your senses dazzled. This wrap bracelet is a true work of art, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. We've carefully strung together a fantastic mix of natural gemstone beads that will make your jaw drop.

Amethyst takes center stage, showing off its epic healing powers. It's like a superhero gemstone, tackling physical ailments, soothing emotional bumps in the road, and bringing balance to your energy like a boss. Not to mention, it's the crown chakra's BFF, promoting tranquility and harmony. Talk about a gem that knows how to multitask!

But hold on tight, because there's more! We've invited Tila Beads, Smokey Quartz, Steel Beads, Bronze accents, and Impression Jasper to join this gemstone party. They bring their own unique vibes, creating a symphony of colours and energies that will make your wrist dance with joy.

So, my friend, get ready to be blown away by the mind-bending beauty and cosmic energy of Amethyst. Embrace the madness with this mind-blowing wrap bracelet from our Egret collection. It's time to let your wrist unleash its inner rockstar and show the world your dazzling style. Brace yourself for epicness!

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