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Onyx & Lava Rock Leather Beaded Bracelet

Onyx & Lava Rock Leather Beaded Bracelet

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Discover the powerful and energy of our "Onyx Earthquake Bracelet" – a stunning natural Onyx & Lava Rock beaded bracelet that emanates strength and stability. Skilfully hand-strung with a mix of Onyx and Lava Rock beads, this bracelet is a testament to the forces of nature.

Material: Leather | Lava Rock | Onyx

Size: 6.89 inches + 3 closures

Embrace the intense protection of black Onyx, a stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy, shielding you from the turbulence of life's challenges. In times of stress, confusion, or grief, the "Onyx Earthquake Bracelet" empowers you with emotional and physical strength, enabling you to stand firm amidst the shaking ground.

The bold combination of Onyx and Lava Rock symbolises the fusion of earth's elements, bringing harmony and balance to you. Just as the earth's core rumbles, this bracelet kindles an inner fire, igniting your vitality and resilience.

Wear the "Onyx Earthquake Bracelet" as a reminder of your invincible spirit, grounded like the bedrock beneath. Let it be your steadfast companion, empowering you to face life's tremors with unwavering courage.

Embrace the elemental energy and find strength in the aftermath of the storm. The "Onyx Earthquake Bracelet" stands as a testament to your unyielding spirit, a true force of nature.


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