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Sterling Silver Lily Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Lily Hoop Earrings

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An absolutely stunning set of sterling silver hoop earrings from the Egret collection. 

Hand moulded into the shape of a bell flower these earrings are beautifully delicate and hang 4.8cm below the ear. 

Inspired by nature they let you take a part of it wherever you go. 

Material: Sterling Silver | 18ct Gold 

Size: 4.8cm 

Unlike most other flowers, the perennial Lily never truly goes dormant. The strength and beauty of this international flower has cemented its place in the cultures all over the world.

If there is one flower that is bursting with symbols it is the Lily. Purity, love, fertility, unity and transience, the Lily represents all of these. Giving a Lily as a gift signifies eternal love, femininity and beauty making it perfect for romantic partners.

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