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Tibetan Ink Stone Beaded Bracelet

Tibetan Ink Stone Beaded Bracelet

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Delve into the rich history and spiritual meaning with Egret Jewellery's "Tibetan Ink" Stacking Bracelet from the Egret Collection. Crafted with love, this bracelet features genuine Chinese Ink Stone beads embraced by silver copper beads, creating a piece that not only looks great but also carries the weight of centuries of tradition.

Material: Silver Copper | Chinese Ink Stone | Thread

Length: 15-20cm

The Chinese Ink Stone beads, each marked by time and tradition, lend a touch of wonder and a sense of connection to the spiritual roots of Tibetan culture. As you run your fingers along the creases of this bracelet, feel the echoes of ancient mantras and the wisdom they hold, grounding you and fostering focus on the path ahead.

the "Tibetan Ink" bracelet is believed to carry healing properties. Chinese Ink Stone is known to inspire a sense of calm and tranquillity. It is said to promote balance and harmony in one's life, alleviating stress and aiding in concentration. The silver-copper elements add a grounding energy, enhancing the bracelet's overall soothing effect.

Ideal for stacking or as a standalone piece, the "Tibetan Ink" bracelet is a blend of aesthetic beauty and cultural significance. Wear it daily to carry a piece of Tibetan history with you, letting the whispers of the past guide your present moments.


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