Chrysocolla Beaded Shamballa Stacking Wrap Bracelet Men's | Women's

A stunning Shamballa bracelet from the Egret collection. 

Made from black cord and perfectly knotted using special knots based from macramé, this bracelet is not only a beautiful and versatile piece but also steeped in history. 

Material: Cord | Chrysocolla 

Size: 51cm

Bead size: 6mm

Shamballa bracelets are versatile, beautiful and steeped in history. They originated from Tibetan and Indian Buddhists believing in the magical kingdom of ‘Shamballa’. Shamballa was a spiritual sanctuary overflowing with love, enlightenment, perfection and peace. It is believed to be located in the upper realms of the Himalayan mountains and can only be reached by those who possess a deep karmic connection to spirit. These stunning bracelets are made from cord that is tied into special knots based from macramé. They are woven, knotted and braided incorporating different designs, colours, metals and gemstones.

The bracelets are said to bring peace, love and enlightenment to the wearer, with Shamballa’s the colours are also given special meaning and can affect the wearers physical and emotional well-being. With natural gemstones, Shamballa bracelets not only take on the healing properties of the colour and bracelets themselves but also the power of the natural gemstone used.

The green Shamballa bracelet is linked with nature. As with the effect nature has on our bodies, the green Shamballa increases the balance and harmony between mind and body. This bracelet gives us a strong feeling of serenity, bringing forth calm and a renewed sense of direction in life. It encourages acceptance, love and forgiveness, balancing emotions and bringing us back to our pure state.  Green is also the colour for luck and abundance, it is a wonderful aid for manifesting wealth and financial growth. Try using the green Shamballa bracelet when visualising to help in bringing forth your financial goals. 


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