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Venus Collection

Gold Paperclip Chain Labradorite Necklace | Choker

Gold Paperclip Chain Labradorite Necklace | Choker

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Embrace the divine energy of the "Mercury's Reflection" Necklace from the Venus Collection. Inspired by the Roman god Mercury, this necklace is a stunning representation of change and communication. Crafted with attention to detail, it features a genuine Labradorite stone delicately suspended from a gold chain.

Material: Gold-Plated Steel | Labradorite 

Length: 16"

Pendant Size: 1.4cm

Just like the Roman god Mercury, known as a messenger and symbol of transformation, the "Mercury's Reflection" Necklace embodies the essence of change and the power of connection. The natural Labradorite pendant showcases a beautiful play of colours, radiating a shimmering blue when illuminated and displaying a subtle grey tone in low light, creating a mystical appearance.

Labradorite, a stone of transformation, serves as a steadfast companion during times of change, offering strength and resilience. It helps protect the aura while grounding spiritual energies and expanding consciousness. With its ability to enhance intuition and stimulate psychic abilities, Labradorite is a brilliant gemstone for those seeking deeper insights and a sense of subtle refinement.

Experience the beauty of the "Mercury's Reflection" Necklace, an exquisite piece that holds all the qualities of Labradorite. Embrace its subtle glow and let it become a meaningful symbol of personal growth and inner strength. Allow the spirit of Mercury to guide your journey of change and communication.

Unleash your inner goddess with the energy of the "Mercury's Reflection" Necklace. Step into a world of fashion-forward elegance and discover the profound symbolism infused in each carefully crafted detail. Inspired by the goddess Venus, this collection is designed to ignite your fire and celebrate your unique journey. Let this brilliant piece become a radiant reflection of your personal transformation and a testament to the power you hold within.


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