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Turquoise & Howlite Square Leather Wrap Bracelet

A gorgeous wrap bracelet from the Egret collection.

Natural semi-precious stones, cut into circles & squares & woven onto leather cords with jute.

Material: Onyx | Howlite | Turquoise | Lava Rock | Leather cords 

  • Length: 16 inches with 3 closures
  • Width: 8mm each wrap 

- Perfect Boho look-

Howlite is predominantly a calming stone. It will aid in sleeping, calming the overactive mind.

Turquoise promotes self-realisation and assists creative problem solving.

Onyx is great at soothing the stress of everyday life because it works to bring harmony to the work-life balance with its grounding effects that make you feel safe and anchors you to the earth.


Natural Turquoise & Howlite Square Cut Leather Beaded Wrap Bracelet - Egret Jewellery

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