Chiffon Butterfly Gold Dangle Threader Earrings

Beautiful butterfly earrings from the Egret collection. 

These earrings are created with printed chiffon on a gold-filled chain. The feathers are extremely soft and lightweight, so they dance as your head sways.

Length of ear line: 13.5cm

Material: Gold filled chain | Chiffon wings | Faux Pearl 

Butterflies have their deep-rooted symbolism in life. Though fleeting, the butterfly’s life is one of great change and endurance. Many cultures associate them with the human essence, namely our souls. In Christianity, the butterfly symbolises resurrection of Christ and can be seen in many Christian funeral rituals.

They are known around the world to be a representation of endurance, change, life and hope.

The image of the butterfly emerging from its cocoon is often used to symbolise us as we emerge from life’s struggles and move forward becoming a better person.

Giving a butterfly as a gift can represent a life change, the passing of a loved one or descending into adulthood.


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