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Sterling Silver Jade Oak Ring

Sterling Silver Jade Oak Ring

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Embrace the Essence of Nature with the "Sacred Leaf" Ring from the Egret Collection. This beautiful ring features a hand-forged cascading Oak Leaf design that delicately wraps around your finger, capturing the beauty of the natural world. The intricate detailing, from the delicate engravings to the vibrant green Jade stone, adds a touch of elegance to this stunning piece.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver | Jade

Width: 23mm

Trees and leaves hold profound symbolism across cultures, representing deep-rooted connections, ancestral heritage, and new beginnings. The Tree of Life, an ancient symbol, embodies the essence of families, enduring relationships, and the cycle of life. Wearing a tree or leaf-inspired jewellery serves as a reminder of our spiritual path, personal growth, and connection with nature.

The "Sacred Leaf" Ring showcases a green Jade stone, renowned for its wisdom and transformative properties. Jade encourages self-discovery and empowers you to overcome self-imposed limitations, shedding outdated beliefs and embracing your full potential. Incorporate Jade into your daily meditation to align with your inner truth and let go of any negative patterns that hinder your progress.

Bask in the beauty and symbolism of the "Sacred Leaf" Ring, a timeless piece that honours the harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Let it be a constant reminder of your connection to the natural world and your journey of growth and transformation.


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