Beaded Jasper & Agate Layered Seed Beads & Natural Stone Gold Necklace

A stunning layered natural gemstone necklace from the Egret collection. 3 perfect strands of a mixture of gemstone and seed beads layered with a crowning quartz teardrop.

Statement necklaces are all the rage this season, they can be dressed up or down. Wear one with that little black dress or your staple jeans and t-shirt, however you do it this versatile piece will become a staple part of your jewellery collection.

Chain Length: 36”

Materials: Seed Beads | Agate | Jasper | Quartz

Jasper, solid and earthy in form has a gentle warmth that seems to resonate form the soil itself. It comes in many colours form a deep green of an oak tree to an orange seemingly from the desert sands at sunset. Jasper’s energy is almost primal in the way it echoes with each of us, its strength is slow and steady, like the growing of trees. Jasper enables us to be present in the now, to really feel grounded which in turn helps to keep our feet firmly on the floor. Jasper encourages time to reflect, be at one with nature and really see what is right in front of us. 

They are nurturers; bringing grounding and stability, making you feel comfortable and secure which enables us to connect better to all living things. Jasper has a strong association to the Earth’s energy, it is the spirit stone of courage and wisdom whilst bringing strength to those who utilise it.

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