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Sterling Silver Peacock Feather Ring Malachite

Sterling Silver Peacock Feather Ring Malachite

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Experience the enchantment of our "Peacock's Flight" feather ring from the Egret collection. Handcrafted with care, this sterling silver ring showcases a beautiful peacock feather design that gracefully wraps around your finger. The intricate engravings and the green malachite stone add a touch of elegance to this unique piece.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Height: 1.48cm

Symbolising spirituality, protection, and guidance, the peacock has long been regarded as a powerful talisman in many cultures. In Greco-Roman mythology, it was believed that the peacock's resplendent tail feathers held the "eyes" of the stars, bestowing kindness, and good fortune upon those who beheld it. Embrace the energy of the peacock and let it accompany you on your journey of spiritual enlightenment and faith, guiding you through the winds of change.

Complementing the peacock symbolism, the "Peacock's Flight" Ring features a striking green malachite stone. Known for its transformative properties, malachite stimulates the heart and throat chakras, fostering emotional clarity and the release of past negative experiences. It is thought to enhance intuitive abilities and act as a protective crystal, shielding against negative influences while supporting you during times of transition.

Soar in style with the "Peacock's Flight" feather ring, a perfect piece that embodies the kindness and strength of the peacock and harnesses the energy of malachite. Let this perfect ring serve as a reminder of your spiritual journey, empowering you to embrace change and discover the beauty that comes with it.


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