925 Sterling Silver Peacock Feather Ring Adjustable Leaf Malachite

An absolutely stunning peacock feather ring from the Egret collection.

This ring has been hand forged into a cascading peacock feather that gently wraps its self around the finger. The detailing is exquisite from the delicate engravings to the green malachite stone eye. 

Material: 925 Sterling Silver.


The Peacock symbolises Spirituality, Protection & guidance. It has been a good luck charm in many different cultures. In Greco-Roman mythology, the Peacocks tail was said to hold the "eyes" of the stars and those who look upon it will receive kindness and good fortune.  The Energy of the Peacock is said to help you on your journey of spiritual enlightenment and help to breathe new life into your walk of faith.

Malachite is a stone of transformation, and it stimulates the heart and throat chakras. It clarifies emotions and increases the processing and release of past negative experiences. Malachite provides a balancing force and encourages intuitive powers. It is also a cleansing crystal, protecting against negative forces.

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