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Chrysocolla Beaded Wrap Bracelet

A gorgeous Chrysocolla wrap bracelet from the Egret collection.

Made from natural Chrysocolla and held together perfectly with a black leather cord.

Material: Chrysocolla | Leather 

Length: 13 inches with 3 closures

Chrysocolla is a powerful healing crystal, it carries with it the influence of nature and the promise of deeper communication with the world around us. Chrysocolla holds a profound attachment to the Earth and Mother Nature. Chrysocolla is a fantastic stone for communication, it carries forth the power in our words and actions and helps us to use them for the empowerment of ourselves and others. It is a wonderful teaching aid, bringing out our highest level of knowledge and teaching us to express it in a way that inspires others. It’s very essence is devoted to expression, teaching and empowerment. It allows you to fully connect to yourself and listen to the inner voice inside of you, bringing forth your compassions and inner strengths. A strange property of Chrysocolla is its ability to make the wearer want to stay at home. It is often used by monks, diminishing anxiety and depression caused by staying in one place.

If there is one stone that embodies the very essence of the Earth it is Chrysocolla, its captivating colours and broad range of healing properties makes it perfect for jewellery or meditating with. Whichever way you choose to use it, Chrysocolla will make a perfect addition to your healing crystal collection.

Natural Gemstone Chrysocolla Beaded Stacking Wrap Bracelet - Egret Jewellery

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