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Healing Properties of Chrysocolla | Egret Jewellery

Chrysocolla is a powerful healing crystal, it carries with it the influence of nature and the promise of deeper communication with the world around us. The first sight of the Earth from space is an image that is ingrained into all of our minds: the rolling blue of the sea twinned with shards of deep green jutting out. It is iconic and holds a profound response for all of us. Chrysocolla, with its hues of greens and blues, can’t help but remind us of our own planet and its healing properties mimic that of the Earth’s. Much like the feeling we get when we are staring out across a sandy beach, it brings with it a deep calming effect; a...

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Shamballa Bracelets Meanings | What The Different Colours Represent

Shamballa bracelets are versatile, beautiful and steeped in history. They originated from Tibetan and Indian Buddhists believing in the magical kingdom of ‘Shamballa’. Shamballa is a spiritual sanctuary overflowing with love, enlightenment, perfection and peace. It is believed to be located in the upper realms of the Himalayan mountains and can only be reached by those who possess a deep karmic connection to spirit. The Shamballa bracelets themselves are easy to recognise by the signature way the cord is tied around them. This technique of special knots is based from macramé. Macramé is a form of textile produced from knots rather than weaving or knitting. With Shamballa bracelets, the cords are woven, knotted and braided to incorporate different designs, colours,...

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The Symbolic meaning of Feathers | Egret Jewellery

The meaning of finding a feather can be open to interpretation because of its connection to personal experience, they can have a different meaning for someone depending on their needs at the time.

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