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A beginners guide to meditation and it's health benefits

Somewhere, down this long winding road of life, we seem to have lost our way. The once perfect connection between mind, body and spirit is now only present in snippets, in people scattered all over our world. For many of us the Western world, with its fast pace and countless distractions, locks us in a never-ending battle riddled with depression, anxiety and social segregation. In amongst the long days in concrete walls and the virtual realities of our lives we have lost our relationship to thought and as a by-product to this our connection to spirit. Our thoughts have been allowed to run wild and any control we had over them has diminished. We have turned to drowning them out...

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4 Easy Steps to dramatically transform your life for the better | Egret Jewellery

  Sometimes we just need to take a minute, sit back and really see the wonder that is all around us. With our busy lives and countless distractions, it’s easy to forget to be grateful for all that we have. In today’s society, it is so easy to start believing we are never enough, we never have enough and we should always be seeking more. But what if we are enough? What if the constant cravings for more is merely a lie, subtly imprinted into our minds from an early age? The biggest lie of our generation? Every day we are exposed to images of beautiful people with bigger houses and nicer clothes constantly thrust in front of us through...

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