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Citrine | The November Birth Stone | Healing properties


Birthstone; November 


Historical overview

Citrine is one of the most powerful and popular gemstones available today. It is not only beautiful but its healing properties are known to have been used as far back as 300 BC. In the first century A.D. It was being used to fashion cabochon rings and pendants. Queen Victoria is well known for her love of the stone and it became the fashion for Scottish men to wear them in their kilts or soldiers to have their swords embossed with them.

Manifestation Powers


Being an avid follower of the Law of Attraction, Citrine is the stone that I most often use as its main benefit lies within manifestations. Exquisite, in a shade of subtle yellow and orange, it is no wonder it is the birth stone for November with its autumn hues and reminiscent of the dwindling light of the setting sun.  It was created in heat and is known to harness the power of the sun, transferring that energy to those who utilise it.

Since its main use is in manifestation, it has great power in bringing our visualisations into reality and helps to guide us along the right path to achieving our goals. If you have been struggling to manifest what you want from the universe, try carrying a small piece of Citrine in your pocket or wearing it in a special piece of jewellery. It has a way of attracting to you the right people or circumstances to bring you closer to what you are trying to obtain. When used alongside meditation it can open locked doors deep within our minds to show us images and neural pathways we have been trying to activate. It guides us in harnessing the universal life force and helps us get deep into that meditative state. 

Another benefit of Citrine is its ability to attract wealth. It is a great money stone, bringing in wealth and enabling the carrier to preserve abundance once they have attained it. This makes Citrine the perfect stone for people who are starting out on a new business venture.

Positivity and Joy

Citrine is known as the stone of positivity and joy, just being in a room with a single piece of Citrine is known to lift up your emotions and help you to focus on the things in your life to be grateful for.

It cannot hold onto any negative energies and because of this has wonderful benefits for people who struggle from depression.

If you struggle with depression try slipping a stone underneath your pillow to give you a wonderful night’s sleep and start the day with positive thoughts.

Health benefits

Its main health benefits are to stimulate digestion & cleanse the spleen and pancreas which in turn improves the users skin, hair and nails. Giving you a natural healthy glow. It is also known to improve sexual and creative fertility.


Citrine is associated with the root, (responsible for your sense of safety) sacral (emotional body, sensuality, and creativity) and solar plexus (personal power) Chakras.

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